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Stop suffering from chronic headaches, back pain and neck tension. True Health Chiropractic and Acupuncture can tailor your chiropractic care to fit your needs. We use a variety of different techniques to eliminate pressure and pain. We also offer spinal correction services.

Reclaim your pain-free body with chiropractic care in Dubuque, IA. We’ll work hard to find the right corrective exercises and lifestyle habits to eliminate pain for good.

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3 perks of spinal correction

3 perks of spinal correction

Did an accident or poor lifestyle habits start your journey to chronic back pain? Get in touch with Dr. Trisha Weber-Jasper for spinal correction services. Spinal correction can help to:

  1. Reduce tension and soreness
  2. Improve your posture
  3. Minimize back pain

To learn more about the benefits of spinal correction, call 563-583-1539 today. We offer a wide variety of chiropractic care services in Dubuque, IA.